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    • BladeMaster Wiring Glue, 20g

      Quick Overview

      If you are into wiring a new blade or rewiring the old one don’t look any further. This powerful adhesive has been specially formulated to bond cotton insulated varnished copper wires to a metal surface.

      This 20g container is very much suitable for both club or individual use as it can be used for at least 10-15 blades. Forget about all those Krazy, Super, Instant, Gorilla etc stuff…

      BladeMaster provides superior strength, excellent resistance to flexing extremes and is resistant to vibration and bits. It will never crack in the groove. Don’t forget to properly degrease the new blade and remove the remnants of the old glue if the blade is used.

      Handling precautions:

      The glue runs very quickly and acts almost instantly so use it with caution when applying as it might instantly bond finger tips together or wires off the blade. The BladeMaster is non-toxic CA. However, it is irritant so provide an adequate ventilation to remove fumes. If accidentally skin bonding occurs use warm, soapy water to gradually separate skin. Should eye contact occured flush eye with water and see a doctor.

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    • Blade Wire Insulation Sleeves

      Quick Overview

      Pack of 10 PVC insulation sleeves 12.5cm long for both épée and foil electric blades. They are used to insulate blade wires in the tang groove where they enter inside the guard and go under the pad to the socket.

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