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    • 2-Blades Feeler Gauge

      Quick Overview

      This stainless steel 2-blades feeler test gauge has 0.5mm and 1.5mm slots for checking épée point travel.

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    • Test Gauge Deluxe

      Quick Overview

      This multi-purpose feeler test gauge has slots of 0.5mm and 1.5mm for testing and setting up all weapons. You can check épée/foil point travel and 3 size requirements of a sabre blade. Made from stainless steel and housed in a synthetic leather protective cover.

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    • Weapon Wire Tester

      Quick Overview

      This small tester is a natural addition to any fencer arsenal. It is a great double duty tool that will allow you to test all your weapons and body cords with buzzing noise and flashing light. You can also hook up and use it as a touch indicator for foil and épée bouting for those time when scoring machine is not available. Battery is not included.

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