Fencing Bags

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    • Backpack Equipment Bag

      Quick Overview

      The bag is large enough to fit a full set of practice or competition equipment, but small enough to sling over the shoulders for a walk. The unique style features a heavy duty zip, carry strap and two adjustable shoulder straps for a balanced positioning on the back of the young fencer.

      It comfortably holds 2-3 weapons, mask, jacket, breeches, shoes, towel etc. and has a large exterior zipped pocket for smaller items, water bottle or lanch.


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    • Equipment Roll Bag Mini

      Quick Overview

      The medium size fencing bag is quite spacious. It’s nicely designed and built for carrying youth fencing equipment set. Inside compartments is surrounded by two outside pockets on each side.

      It can accommodate 2-3 weapons, mask, set of uniform, lame, tracksuit, towels, shoes etc. It’s durability providing a long useful life and great value. The trunk measures 48 x 10 x 10 inches

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    • Red Equipment Roll Bag Jumbo

      Quick Overview

      The full size fencing bag is more than spacious. It’s designed and robustly built for storing and transporting full fencing kit and much more. Two inside double sided compartments are surrounded by two outside pockets and pouches on each side of the bag. The bag can accommodate 3-4 weapons, a mask, a set of uniform, lame, tracksuit, towels, shoes etc.

      It has sections which make keeping wet stuff separate from dry stuff easier and you will know where everything is. Two heavy duty zippers provide easy access. The lining is well padded and water resistant for your comfort. It’s very durable and will have a long useful life. The bags trunk measures 48 x 12 x 12 inches and it’s volume is 0.12 cubic m.

      Available in red only

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    • Budget Equipment Bag

      Quick Overview

      This bag is large enough to fit a full set of uniform, mask, weapons, shoes etc., but small enough to sling on a kid’s shoulder for a walk from the car to the club or competition venue.

      It’s 45″ in length and has a heavy duty XL zipper that greatly minimizes breakage. Manufactured from sturdy nylon it is the best choice for beginners and even advanced fencers because of its high quality and long, reliable service.


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