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Pistol Grip Selection

According to the sport fencing rules, the fencer’s thumb should be no further than 0.75” back from the guard. The thumb should be just touching the guard when relaxed, not stretching forward. The most popular pistol grips for competitive fencing are Visconti, Belgian and Dutch types. Please note that a pistol grip should not fill the entire hand and space should be left between the palm and grip itself, big enough for a finger to fit. For the beginners the most common grip still is the French handle and it is normally should be used at least for the first half a year to develop hand strength and dexterity. Some épée Pros quite often use a high performance French grips in order to have a 3-4” longer weapon.


Glove size: XS or 6-7 Visconti XS
Glove size S or 7-8 Visconti S, Belgian Standard
Glove size M or 8-9 Visconti S, Belgian Standard
Glove size L or 9 -10 Visconti M, Belgian M, German
Glove size XL or 10 -11 Visconti L, Belgian L, Russian L

Please note that most top competitors use grips that are smaller than the above shown in order to hold the grip tighter in their fingers for better control. They already tried a lot and have very strong fingers and wrists. They know their grip size and handling manners. So please consider the above as general advice for the beginners who assemble their first weapon with a pistol grip.